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Unforgettable Weddings

by e.g. Productions

e.g. Productions began as a love of music in 1993.  I was the program director of KBCY-99 and an on-air personality, "Trey Nichols."  My friend, Eric Logan, and I began to get calls asking us to provide music for their special events.  What a thrill!  We loved it and officially began e.g. Productions together.  We've learned a lot since then and now Eric has his own company, eMotion Entertainment.  We built a company based on two principles:  providing quality entertainment that means something, and always conducting ourselves in a professional manner.

I grew up in Abilene and attended Texas A&M University after high school.  There I met a beautiful dancer who literally danced into my life.  Anna and I were both in the cast of a musical production; she was also the choreographer, and I was the artistic director.  Anna and I are co-owners of Turning Pointe Academy of Performing Arts, where she is the Artistic Director.  We are active in the ministry at St. Paul UMC and enjoy movies, spending time with our children and good popcorn!

Beginning in June of 2003 I became the youth director at St. Paul. Because of my responsibilities to my youth and my commitment to quality, I have significantly reduced the number of weddings I will participate in each year. 

Prior to my youth job I was a full-time DJ and before that I was a stock-broker.  Although I enjoyed my job as a stock-broker, my heart just wasn't in it and I loved to DJ.  When I see a family moved to emotion because their wedding has been everything they had hoped, that is the most rewarding experience a job can bring.  I believe that your planning, as well as your wedding, should be stress-free, therefore I will promise to make myself available for your questions and concerns.

I enjoy being a part of the larger DJ community.  I regularly attend conventions, subscribe to several trade journals and keep up with my DJ friends across the country.  I have also served as a moderator at Disc Jockey America, one of the premiere DJ networking sites in the world.  I am proud to be a DJ and associated with those who take their profession very seriously.

Why do I share this personal information with you?  I learned early on in my DJ career that it is crucial that you feel comfortable with the person you hire to handle your reception entertainment.  They will be your representative, your coordinator and your friend.  If you don't feel comfortable with the person you hire, you won't enjoy your reception.  I want you to know a little about me the person and determine for yourself if I am someone you would like to work with.  Likewise, if I feel that someone else could better serve your needs, I will be honest and be happy to recommend you to another professional.  It's about trust.  I will do whatever I can to earn and keep your trust.