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by e.g. Productions

Some tips in hiring your reception entertainment.

This can be one of the most important decisions you make.  There are many good guides out there that can assist you in hiring your DJ, but I think it basically breaks down into the 4C's.

Is the DJ . . .


 Does he/she have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to make your event a success?  A good Wedding DJ will have performed at numerous events, have an excellent knowledge of music and etiquette and professional equipment to make sure nothing brings your activities to a sudden halt. Ask your venue and other wedding professionals for referrals.  They have seen a number of DJ's and can give you an honest evaluation.


 Will he/she be available to meet with you, promptly return phone calls, provide planning tools and be courteous to you and your guests?  Your DJ should also have appropriate attire and manners.


  Will he/she show up and do you have it in writing?  A good contract will protect both the entertainer and the client.  You will sleep much better at night knowing that you have it in writing.

Comfortable with you and you with them?

  I think this is the most important C.  A good wedding DJ will do more than play music at your reception.  They will help you plan, coordinate with other professionals and generally ensure that your evening is perfect.  If you don't believe that your DJ is capable of accomplishing your dream wedding, keep looking.  There is someone out there with the skills, talents and demeanor to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Be wary of the price that is too good to be true.  It usually is.  Do enough research on your DJ that you know you will have a great reception.