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Unforgettable Weddings

by e.g. Productions

A Brief Look at the Reception

This guide is meant to offer you a brief thumbnail of some of the major events at your reception.  Of course everything is subject to change depending on your dreams and desires.  I intended this page to simply begin the planning process.  If at anytime you have any questions, please contact me.

Your Arrival This will set the tone for your evening.  Your grand entrance will be representative of who you are and what type of mood you are going to set.

Eating - I am a firm believer in getting the opportunity to enjoy some of the wonderful food made available to your guests.  Plus this will give you the extra energy you will need for the fun that awaits.

The Cake Cutting An opportunity to share in a time-honored tradition.  Making sure that everyone that supposed to see it does will make everyone happier. 

Toasting Time Spreading wedding cheer through a few choice words.  This can be a very special moment. 

First Dance Approaching your first dance with the right attitude and mindset will help you create a beautiful memory that you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

Family Dances Although these as well as any of the events are optional, this can be a very moving moment. 

Anniversary Celebration Dance - A chance to share in the joy of everyone's anniversary and look forward to your own. 

Open Dancing It is important to let everyone enjoy this time.  Picking music that will please everyone, but still be representative of you will keep them having fun. 

Dollar Dance/Wish Dance - This can be done with many variations and some involve the exchange of no money.  This is entirely up to your liking. 

Bouquet and Garter Toss - This is fun for everyone.  There is genuine true excitement as everyone watches and enjoys the activities. 

Last Dance - Just as it sounds.  One last opportunity to have your friends and family join you on the dance floor on your wedding day.

Your Exit - Time for last minute hugs and tearful goodbyes as you and your new spouse embark on your new journey as husband and wife.